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February 2014 // THE GLOBAL ISSUE

This month, we broaden our reach and take a look at global fashion tech. The online ecommerce market is estimated to be $1.5 Trillion dollars this year, and fashion certainly takes it's slice of that enormous pie.

We cover a recap of last month, including iBeacons and a whole bunch of wearable tech and some hot new apps. In The World Around Us, we see even more wearables, tracking devices, and interactive marketing.

We explain what a "feature phone" is, and why it matters just as much (if not more) to the global ecommerce market that smart phones do. We list 7 best practices when engaging in international ecommerce, as well as challenges to keep in mind. Since our aim is to keep you informed, we list out come international ecommerce startups you should know, and give you a little peek into one holiday calendar that matters.

We saw $413.2M raised for fashion tech companies last month, and we give you an in-depth analysis of who–and perhaps why. Enjoy the issue!

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March 2014 // THE FIT-TECH ISSUE

It's time to get fit! This issue explores fitness tech and why it matter to fashion tech–we owe the wearable tech revolution to fit tech, for starters.

As always, we cover last months news: we saw a bunch of new apps, some startups to keep us healthy, and some cool new digital experiences. In The World Around Us, we peek at maps, photos, hacks, and augmented reality. We're finally looking at the other senses in technology: peek inside for startups focusing on smell and touch–and some great companies focusing on social good.

We dive seep into fit tech, looking at why we should keep our eye on it, why fashion designers seem to be obsessed with it (Tory Burch FitBit anyone?), and who the movers and shakers are.
\We even give you a little workout to do while reading our report.

Last month was fashion week month, and we tell you what was hot and what was... not. We've got 9 fresh startups on our radar this month, and saw $352.2M in funding raised for fashion tech last month–with 60% going to international companies. We give you our first "throwback edition" of our recommended books, and even give you a sneak peek of a chapter in our founder's upcoming book about The Future of Commerce. Enjoy!

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This month, we dive deep into the merging of content + commerce, starting with an in-depth feature from our founder. We explore what the experts are saying about content + commerce, offer eight unique add-on (or stand-alone) tools your business can use to make the merge, as well as giving you eight affiliate options if you want to dip your toes in that way.

We show you 19 examples of who's doing the best job of combining the content with commerce, and for good measure, we tell you about three cautionary tales. We introduce you to five people have made the move from one world into the other, and we ask Josh Clark, our advisor and the man behind the new websites for TechCrunch, Entertainment Weekly, and Time Inc., some in-depth questions about how traditional publishers can get it right. And speaking of magazines, we show you three examples of websites that are testing out traditional print publishing. It might surprise you to see who's jumped on board!

We explain what a "sponsored post" really is, and for fun, we give you a Content | Commerce worksheet to get your brain thinking outside the box about all of the creative ways to merge the two. And all of this editorial talk got us thinking about the evolution of fashion tech startups, so we charted the course of business models as we've seen it so far.

The content you've come to rely on is in there, too, of course: the important news in fashion and tech last month, what happened in the world around us, six startups on our radar now, and we found a great business book and as well as a short documentary that we think you'll enjoy. On the investment end, we saw $389M invested last month, and we've also added up the numbers for the entirety of 2013. They blew last year's fashion tech investments out of the water. Enjoy!

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December Report

In our year-end report, we wrap things up in a big way. We've got the news in fashion tech and in the world around us that you've come to rely on us for, but we've also added some fabulous year-end bonuses.

In this month's issue, we overview 13 important things that happened in fashion tech last month, as well as 15 pieces of news from the world around us. We've included an events calendar that now extends through March 2014, and our first ever annual Top 10 Moments in Fashion Tech List. They might surprise you!

We discuss why the phrase "Haute Couture" is used too freely, introduce you to the woman who is bringing fashion tech to Dubai, and tell you about 8 startups on our radar this month. 'Tis the season for gifting, so we rounded up a list of the best wishlist apps, and found the best six books of the 2013 for fashion, technology, and business.

We know you'll have some downtime this month, so we included 5 films to snuggle up and watch with your loved one – but you can call it work, because the beautiful movies are research into our genre's history. As most publications do at year-end, we included a "What's In / What's Out" list. Who would want to be caught dead in last year's trends? And finally, as always, we detail every bit of investment in fashion tech last month – nearly $124 Million. And speaking of big numbers, the top three shopping days last month added up to a combined $19.6 Billion in sales. Cyber Monday was only #3 on the list – peek inside to see what holiday beat in out in a big way. We hope you enjoy the issue! See you next year.

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November Report

Fall is a season for food – and for fashion. We've got 9 new startups
on our radar this month, including Dahlia Wolf and Zola. This month,
we tracked $551 million in investments in fashion tech, and as usual,
we've got the breakdown. Included, as you've come to expect, is all
the news in fashion tech and in the world around us – 9 pages of news.

But it's the month for feasting, and so we also take a look at how
food and fashion play together. Cyndi Ramirez shares why she believes
that fashion and food are the hot new trend, and we look at some
fashion tech startups that also play with their food.

Fall is also a season for giving. We define the "one for one" model
and talk about the companies that are doing it well. We also tell you
about 7 other companies that are making easy for shoppers to give
back. Our movers and shakers this month are fashion's social
entrepreneurs: Amber Valletta and her Master&Muse line, and Jessica
Alba's Honest Company. We also give you a peek in Xeni, a clothing
line for physically disabled women.

Our trend watch this month explores "Curation" companies like AHALife,
Shoptiques, and Stylesaint, "Aggregation" companies like Lyst, and
Communities like uber-popular international site Chictopia. To round
it out, we've got two great books for your recommended reading this
month. Dig in!

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October Report

We’re in the throes of fall, and Fashion Month is officially over. This time, our October Fashion Tech Report features 36 pages of everything you need to know as the new season kicks into high gear. We’re digging deep into the dark side of technology: consumer privacy concerns, wearable tech in a new world of surveillance, and we even explain the potential impacts of The Singularity.

This month, we introduce you to an incredible new pair of Movers & Shakers. We feature an in-depth interview with the chic and brilliant Kelly Hoey, co-founder of Women Innovate Mobile, a female-focused accelerator for women-founded or co-founded mobile ventures. We speak to Daina Burnes Linton, the brains behind Fashion Metric, an brand recommendation engine based off virtual fit technology for men’s shirts.

We know you count on us for investment breakdowns. You want to know where the money is flowing in our industry and who the backers are. We bring you a comprehensive list of all the data related to funding events from last month. We tracked $169.8M in funding over fifteen separate rounds. Additionally, in October we introduce you to methods of staying private in an increasingly public world. We highlight the latest in wearable tech innovations that offer solutions in a state where we face security concerns, as we freely share our personal information with third parties (and often, involuntarily.)

As always, we’ve got The Recap: the latest and greatest news stories from areas including fashion, business, design, and technology. A fashion tech startup hits the one million transaction milestone since the start of this year, and QR codes make their way down the runway during New York Fashion Week.

This October, join us as we explore the darker side of fashion tech. Catch up on insights from last month’s industry events, learn about new startups we’ve got our eye on, and much more. Enjoy!

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September Issue

Fall is here, the kids are back to school, New York Fashion Week is moving along, and we’re just getting started! Like all fashion-related publications, the September issue of our Fashion Tech Report is special: this 60-page report is jam-packed with all the monthly features you love, along with some incredible added features we created just for you.

This September, we bring you a list of our top Movers & Shakers like no other. Investors are pouring cash into fashion tech. Who are the people making our vertical into the powerful presence it’s becoming? We highlight incredible journalists like Macala Wright who founded the popular business & marketing site FashionablyMarketing.Me, and Simone Oliver of the New York Times. We introduce you to the faces behind many fashion tech investments like Steph Palmeri of SoftTech VC, media moguls including Brian Sugar of POPSUGAR, and many, many more. (48 movers and shakers in all!)

We saw $56.45M invested in fashion tech last month. We bring you all the details: where the money came from, who’s investing, and what specific business models are pulling in the funds. We’ve also compiled a beautiful spread of the top wearable tech. From 3D printed shoes you can make overnight, to light-up dresses that give a new meaning to a “flashy” outfit, we bring you all the newest pieces reinventing how and what we wear. Our “Spend or Save?” section explains where you should be spending your money this season on top quality wearable tech.

As you’ve come to know and love, we bring you The Recap: we’ve gathered the latest news and ground-breaking stories from fashion, business, design, and technology. We examine how wearable tech like the buzzy Google Glass is making its way into mainstream culture – and whether the fashion industry approves. A major clothing retailer releases its fall lookbook on Pinterest first, and we discover 3D-printed eyeglasses that fit just right.
As always, we investigate trends that are shaping the face of fashion tech. This month we take a special look at Wearable Tech, Discovery, and Image Sharing business models straight from our comprehensive fashion tech database. We give you the scoop on the power-players in each category, as well as exciting newcomers who have stepped on the scene.

Our big September Issue is full of incredible business insights, insider product knowledge, and the brightest faces in fashion tech. We hope you enjoy it!

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August Report

We’ve been spending the dog days of summer tracking the latest and greatest news in fashion tech. We bring you The Recap: our incredible monthly roundup of the top trending news in our industry. We take a look at the Internet of Things and why it’s an integral part of the future. We dive into international news as well as design, business, and fashion around the world. (We see interactive shopping recommendations making big waves in Brazil’s capital.)

We also investigate trends shaping our industry. This month, we dive into Subscription Commerce, Virtual Fit, and Marketplace business models. We bring you facts and opinion so that you can use your insider knowledge to make impactful decisions on your business.

This month, we speak to the movers & shakers in fashion tech including Olga Vidisheva, the CEO of Shoptiques, the globally curated online boutique marketplace, and Sari Azout of Bib + Tuck, a recommerce marketplace that even has its own online currency. We introduce you to B2B tool InSparq, the social shopping and analytics tool that is allowing brands and retailers to see how their customers shopping behaviors are affecting sales.

Money matters and we’ve analyzed all the funding that went down in July unique to our vertical. We saw a tremendous $145.14M invested last month and our infographics break down the most important facts in an easy to understand format. We recap the best events that happened last month and we also let you know which events to attend this September. This month's Report is full of all this and more. We hope you enjoy it!

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JULY report

We're deep into summer and continuously tracking the world of fashion & technology. It's officially wedding season for many couples and we present our July 2013 Fashion Tech Report: Wedding Tech Edition. We began as always with our recap of the groundbreaking and emerging news in fashion tech each month. We then shift and cover relevant and all-encompassing news from the world around us, both domestic and global. More unique tech comes to us from across the pond (a unique Finnish startup tries to shake up the world of virtual fit), and more. We take a look at emerging trends in the industry including Rental, Recommerce, and Inspiration --- ones we track in our database and know very well. We see how companies working within these business models use social to leverage their business.

This month, we speak to innovators in wedding tech including Jacqueline Courtney of Nearly Newlywed, a site for buying and selling like-new wedding gowns, and Kellee Khalil, founder of, the world's first wedding search engine. We show you yet another amazing B2B tool in the form of Fohr Card, the online directory that lets big brands access the top bloggers and tracks analytics around their blogs. We also recommend the best books for you to get your hands on and read this summer.

We know investments matter to you, so we've tracked the fashion tech funding events that happen each month. We see an amazing $361,840,000 invested last month and offer you smart infographics that make it down in detail. We talk about the best events that happened last month and what we learned from them. We also let you know which events to attend this August to stay in the know. This month's Report is full of all this and more. We hope you enjoy it!

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June Report

It's finally summer, and this month we celebrate that by filling The Fashion Tech Report full of fresh ideas. We start off my recapping the month's news in fashion tech –- as well as the news that matters from the world around us. We see acquisition, partnerships, and some cool new uses of technology, online and off. (A jacket that hugs you!) Speaking of online / offline, we explore this trend, as well as the trend of Content + Commerce companies, personal styling startups, and take a look at what algorithmic shopping -- and who's doing it well. We also look at D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands and how they are changing the fashion landscape by engaging directly with consumers.

This month, we introduce you to two smart young innovators: Will Young, Director of Zappos Labs, and Claire Mazur, founder of NYC-based startup Of a Kind. We're here to educate you about the tools to make your life easier, and so we sat down with Eddie Mullon, founder of Fashion GPS, to talk about how they're changing the industry. (If you've been to NYFW, you've used them.) And speaking of education, we recommend some books to read as well.

Hard numbers matter, so we listed every investment in fashion tech last month (to the tune of $296M) and explore what's changing. We wrap up the best of last month's fashion tech events (there were a lot) and advise you on which events to attend this month. There's all this and a ton more, too. We hope you enjoy it!

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May Report

The Fashion Tech Report May issue is taking a huge bite out of the Big Apple and bringing you comprehensive fashion tech news through the lens of New York City. Read about all of the fashion tech news and events from April, check out the hot new startups, and review all of the investments made in fashion tech last month. We profile Shauna Mei from AhaLife, Laura Zapata from The Future of Fashion Series, and Jose de Cabo from b2b tool Olapic. We discuss customization, virtual closets, and online / offline companies. As a bonus, you'll also find new NYC co-working spaces and neighborhood profiles, as well as spaces to host NYC events. We hope you enjoy this one!

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April Report

In our inaugural report, we dive right into the world of fashion tech. Read all the news from last month, check out new startups to watch, and review all the investments in the space. Profiles include Manish Chandra from Poshmark, Loni Edwards from Stitch Collective, and Maarten Lens FitzGerlad, founder of augmented reality tool Layar (and we even layered on some augmented reality to the report itself!) We discuss recommerce, middle market menswear, and direct-to-consumer brands. You'll find book recommendations, event recaps & upcoming events, and much more. Enjoy!

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