What is Third Wave Fashion and why did you make this database?
Third Wave Fashion is the world's only fashion tech think tank. We publish beautiful monthly fashion tech reports, offer workshops and education for enterprise brands, build beautiful sites, and do strategic consulting for fashion brands and top fashion tech startups. We're based in New York and run a fantastic meetup group here in NYC and sometimes in LA + SF. We don't just focus on 'digital' or 'fashion 2.0'; we have our sights set on the future. Read more about us here.
How do I subscribe to the database or the monthly fashion tech reports?
Click here or go to My Account > Subscribe to see plans and get yourself all set up. If you run into any problems, drop us a line.
How do I unsubscribe?
Under My Account click "cancel" to cancel anytime. Your card won't get charged for the next billing cycle (as long as we get 48 hours notice), and your access will be cancelled (although you'll always be able to see the free information). We'd also love some feedback about why you're canceling if you're willing, we're always trying to get better - you can contact us any of the ways above.
When I subscribe to the reports, do I get the next month's report or the current issue?
By default, you'll get access to the most current issue. For a limited amount of time, when you subscribe to the reports, you'll also be able to access our entire archive.
How can I pay?
You can use Visa, MC, AmEx, and a bunch of cards you don't actually have. If you need to pay via purchase order, let us know here. You'll get access the moment the check clears.
I'm a journalist. Can I use the database?
Yes, by all means! We have free accounts for journalists whose publications have 1M visits per month or more. As a journalist you can publish any information from the database, as long as you cite "Third Wave Fashion" and link back to the source if publishing online.
Lots of people in my company want access to all your goodies. Do you have quantity discounts?
Why, we're so flattered! Of course. Contact us for rates.
Do you have educational discounts?
Sure do. Have a university administrator contact us about setting up group accounts.
What is a "fashion tech" company, anyways?
We think this post says it best.
How can I add my company or make edits?
Drop us a line here. We really want our information to be as accurate as possible, so we welcome corrections and suggested edits. If you'd like to submit your company to potentially be added to the TWF database, please let us know.
You guys are so awesome! How can I get more?
Aw, we think you're awesome, too! Connect with us all these fun ways: